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Check other books in your genre in book stores to decide which size is best to use. Covers should be one continuous image centered left to right on the spine. The easiest way to get this right is by using the createspace cover template calculator. As you add text to your cover, make sure it exactly matches the book details e. Mod offers bluray publishing, multidisc formats, and additional cd booklet pages. How to publish your book on createspace and kindle. Given your query, ive located the correct information and provided you with clarity on the process, as reflected below. If you encounter difficulties fulfilling the above trim size and bleed requirements for createspace, the fast fingers is always ready to help. This post shows how to use the cover creator and the upload pdf cover image options in createspace. Requirements for the kindle book cover image may 10, 2012 by suzanne parrott amazon updated their recommendation 42012 for a books cover file to be 1500 to 2400 pixels with a 1. Design book cover,kindle cover, createspace cover by.

Shes interested in an a4size book but i cant see anything about sizes and price according to size. The language is very easy to understand and simple to read. Cover you can create your book cover using kdps cover creator tool or submit your book cover in a pdf. Createspace estore is closing effective october 31, 2017. The files conform to the createspacekdp cover requirements. How to fix your ingram spark pdf with free pdf fix download. Dont just have your ebook on kindle, make sure you get a paperback copy on createspace. Nick cara did a good job in editing and formatting my novel for publication. Understanding print resolution for graphics in books.

Downloading your createspace cover template to help you design your paperback book s cover, createspace can automatically generate a template file that is custombuilt for your book. Createspace requires that cover art be submitted in pdf format, and be a bookspecific size. A physical book also needs a back cover and a spine the middle bit. Russ crowley puts out a very high quality book as it covers everything one needs to know when it comes to createspace. I am a top rated seller and have 99% positive feedback. At least if by cost, we mean a direct upfront payment a publishing fee.

Createspace also has a cover template file generator, that produces. How to selfpublish a paperback book with createspace. Unlike a kindle book cover, you need a full jacketa front, spine, and backin order to publish a print book. Back cover description, upload as a word or text file. That said, we continue to evaluate which features and services we offer in the future, including supported languages. This is because kindles only display the front cover. No work will be implemented unless all of the above information is received in one. Streamlined process to ensure no detail is missed, youll receive a design input form to collect all the important pieces of text for your book cover, as well as optional features like facebook and twitter addresses. Do not move the guide layer, as it is properly aligned for our printing specifications. Createspace provides detailed instructions for this method. Need a createspace logo, website or graphic design. Books, music, and videodvd images should be the front cover art, and fill 100% of the image frame.

With no changes or adjustments you can submit them directly for publishing. Pdf is a vector format, png is a raster format, idml is indesign, sla is for scribus, and odg is for. Well, from createspace, unless i order a huge quantity over the shipping cost per book can be as much as the print cost per book. Understanding book layouts and page margins describes typical margins for a standard 6 inch by 9 inch trade paperback, including createspace book layout specifications.

Check out our free guide on how to find a book cover designer. Before you order your cover, though, youll need to format your book. They are dependable and produce quality output that meets the requirements of their clients. If you have a link to your createspace estore and a customer clicks on it, the customer will be redirected to the corresponding page at. Jul 06, 2017 greetings from createspace member services. Title subtitle author name pages count pages type whitecream size of cover example 6x9 text on spine if more than 100 pages back cover description, upload as a word or text file. You can now manage your createspace content on amazons improved publishing services. Of course, stephen king and philip k dick books are not using trade printing, i. Our professional paperback formatters will design your book interior and cover according to standards set by createspace. Because of the differences between computer screens and the printing process, the book covers colors may look noticeably different from the image you see in the online proofer. Oct 27, 2012 ive looked at the createspace info on amazon and find it quite hard to navigate. She wouldnt have the money to pay someone to format it for her. Createspace estore is closing beginning october 31, 2017, customers will no longer be able to purchase paperbacks directly from the createspace estore. That template file shows the required size of your cover image, and shows the areas to.

The files conform to the createspace kdp cover requirements. A stepbystep guide to book publishing with createspace. Kindle and kdp book covers made easy cover design studio. How to use createspace or kindle paperback cover template. We deliver professional createspace cover design with 300 dpi resolution using premium images for the cover design, also you can choose your own. Although it was also possible and easier to allow cs to add its own instead, adding your own to your artwork enabled you to keep control of the complete design, and to use a more elegant format than. Your cover must be a single pdf that includes the back cover, spine, and front cover as one image. When calculating your cover size please take this into account. Others authors image,isbn image mandatory requirements. If your graphic designer does not have or follow the correct template, createspace will not accept the book cover file for publications. Full cover design dimensions calculator for amazon kdp and createspace. This means all the information text and images on the front cover, back cover, spine and flaps if cover is a dust jacket assembled into a single pdf.

Convert kindle cover to createspace cover paperback. Confirm youve selected the correct kdp account and click take me to my books. Apr 12, 2014 next, youll need to download the correct createspace cover template to send to your graphic designer. Far too many authors have tried to get their book into the format required by kdp only to give up in despair. All other sections have been kept in place since the process for formatting. If your page count is under 100 pages, you shouldnt add spine text. I would recommend this agency to anyone who is in need of the services they offer.

Pdf is a vector format, png is a raster format, idml is indesign, sla is for scribus, and odg is for openoffice. Createspace pays a little more for each amazon sale than authors get for an ingram pod sale, so releasing through createspace always makes sense. How to format your book for createspace in under 5 mins. Cover creator will also add your book s isbn to the barcode area of the back cover. Creating a cover for a createspace book is a more complicated process than if you self publish on kindle alone. To get the ball rolling, contact me to get a custom quote for your manuscript, or book my createspace formatting gig on fiverr. For a color cover and black text on whitecream paper, the printing fee is entirely based on page count. Cover creator can also help you design a basic paperback cover that meets kdps specifications. On the page for that book, in the blank image icon, click add an image. Work out the specifications for a paperback book cover or generate one in createspace, and then design your cover in canva with a little image manipulating in gimp. We moved your createspace files and can print your book using your existing cover creator cover. The 1526 x 2500 size is the largest they accept however i create amazon covers at 600 x 900 pixels at 72 ppidpi. Jun 18, 2014 createspace printing and shipping calculator tool.

Pdf format gives the physical size of a bitmap in fractional points, which are 172. A turnkey book cover, ready for createspace and kindle. Key differences from createspace disc on demand are. A pdf of the front cover alone is not a complete cover pdf. How to get the best paperback cover you can with createspace. Has been added to this course to replace the original createspace publishing instructions retained in. Createspace is a great way to reach readers around the world for little cost, however for those of you who might be in smaller countries it still might be best for local distribution to use a local printer to handle your local book printing requirements and use createspace to reach everywhere else. The cover size depends on the number of pages, because that determines the spine width. Createspace book cover design in london hiretheworld. How to self publish on createspace in three easy steps. How to self publish a paperback book with printondemand. Because createspace is a mass trade pod churner it cant calibrate so finely per book on demand, i. It contains important information on metadata, interior, and cover requirements.

Design your cover in the design layer, using the template pdf or png file as the guide layer. Full cover design dimensions calculator for amazon kdp and. Learn how to use the cover template for kdp print with gimp here. Your book covers for amazons kindle and createspace go up to the top and get your copy now isnt it time to make your dreams a reality order yours today. The topics below include our top tips for avoiding common file rejections. When dealing with the book cover, youre dealing with the edges of. Sep 19, 20 ready to upload your cover to createspace. Format your book cover to createspace guidelines by jawadams. Jewel cases, promotional stickers, and cellophane are not allowed. Many authors have bemoaned their createspace paperback quality, i.

Review the product image requirements to make sure your image is appropriate. Also, is there any good info anywhere on how to produce a photobook in createspace. Because ingram have multiple pod print locations in different countries, including one in australia, the shipping is way less. Book formatting for createspace, ingramspark, lightningsource. Createspace book cover design by crowdspring crowdspring. The front cover typically includes the authors name, title, subtitle, images and sometimes a quote. With regards to the barcode placement on the cover. Your book cover will comply with all required specs including embedded fonts, color integration, pixel count, correct dpi and rgbcmyk selection. Until now, its been possible to generate your own barcode and add it in to your book s cover design before you upload your cover design to createspace cs ready for publication. Next, simply download in a zip file, your choice of pdf or word doc. I will design book cover,kindle cover, createspace cover its very important that we discuss fully about your project before you proceed to place your order, it will help determine what you want, delivery period and the cost of the work. Avoiding createspace book cover size issues blue paper. To format your paperback cover, you ll first need to calculate the spine measurements black and white books, color.

Nov 10, 2014 if you plan to do this yourself, here are the requirements for a book of 24 to 150 pages, 6x9. Based on the dimensions plus the thickness of your book according to the number of pages, the publisher will provide book cover dimensions, including. If your unsupported language book moved to kdp in a draft stage, you will need to publish it in a supported language. To format your paperback cover, youll first need to calculate the spine measurements black and white books, color. Paste your manuscript into this template or simply start typing. Createspace cover template book cover design selfpublish. See manuscript and book cover for more details on bleed. The createspace publishing checklist how to save time and. Set up and design book covers in gimp using layer masks and blend modes to create interesting effects.

Two business days after we receive all the needed information about your book, youll receive an email with your createspace kindle ready files. The benefits are tremendous as amazon will automatically pair your ebook with the paperback on amazon and it looks very professional to have both available, not to mention the satisfaction of having a. All experienced cover designers are familiar with this process. How to make a full print book cover in microsoft word for createspace, lulu or lightning source at the end of 20 i put out a package of diy book cover templates in microsoft word and revolutionized publishing with a howto guide to designing amazing book covers in an easy to use program youre already familiar with. Login to get started with kindle direct publishing, manufacturing on demand, or print on demand for publishers. Individual pdfs of each chapter or parts do not make a complete book. With the createspace cover template calculator, you fill in the number of pages your of your book, the size of the book, click on a button, and your custom cover template is ready to download.

Downloading your createspace cover template blue paper. In this case there is no comparison because hardcovers are not available from createspace. Ive been getting a lot of questions recently about e book covers and, specifically the size and proportion requirements for submitting the cover image of your e book when you upload it to a retailer or a distributor heres a selection of requirements that should help. On the books tab in author central, click the book you want to add an image for. If you plan to do this yourself, here are the requirements for a book of 24 to 150 pages, 6x9. We convert kindle cover to createspace cover paperback cover design with 300 dpi resolution. Just choose your trim size, number of pages, and paper type, and optional file formats. Amazon will put up a generic book cover with the title of your book and your name only if you do not supply a book cover. This will send an email with a link to your createspace account email address within 3 hours. Heres how to format your book for createspace in under 5 mins.

Mar 14, 2014 next, choose how to submit your book cover. Createspace kdp cover template generator create pdf, png, idml, sla, and odg files. The spine should have, at minimum, the book title, and your last name. The indesign idml and scribus sla files contain multiple layers and guide lines. Createspace says, an isbn number is required to publish and. Enter your createspace email address and click submit. Otherwise, you have to upload a finished book cover image, title and author name. The table of contents links you to each section and subsection within the document. Createspace charges a printing fee every time they print a book. You should know the dimensions for the cover, any printing requirements, and what information will need to go on the front and back covers. Paperback book covers many selfpublished authors start off with ebooks and eventually decide to publish a hard cover or paperback book too. This tool creates cover template files in pdf and png, and optionally idml, sla and odg formats.

The createspace publishing checklist how to save time. Prepare, publish, promote prepare your book create your cover paperback cover resources. Sign in to kdp to link your kdp account, or create a new account. Keep in mind this information is accurate now but could change at any time, so check when youre ready to upload. Cover design, hardcover book cover creation for lulu, how to create your cover for createspace is a powerful designcentered stepbystep explanation of how you can start today. Sharing some quick tips and tricks to make your publishing business progress. Mod is a dedicated media site for content providers publishing cds, dvds, and bluray discs. There, you will learn how to build a book cover using createspace. Yes, the cover file will be accepted if you apply your own barcode and pricing.

All other products should fill 85% or more of the image frame. Thats because the size of the cover is determined by the size of the finished book. Createspace strongly recommends that new users purchase a physical proof copy. How much does it cost to publish a book on createspace. But rememberif your book is shorter than 1 pages, createspace wont let you add spine text. The artwork should extend to the outside edge of the templates pink zone to ensure a white border will not exist within the printed work. You can now manage your createspace content on amazons improved publishing. Createspace trim size and bleed specifications the fast fingers. This is a book of action and doesnt just tell you how i created my covers but also reveals the secret to helping you also unleash your inner creativity.

You will need to have your interior designed first so that you can send your cover designer the exact trim size and page count for sizing the book cover properly you can have your book designer design the front cover while waiting for the interior designer to finalize the book file for print if you wish. This book covers formatting for createspace and kindle, and publishing to createspace and kindle in great detail. How to make a full print book cover in microsoft word for. Createspace cover template design a compelling book cover. The stepbystep guide to formatting your print book for kdp. A 200page 6x9 book costs exactly the same amount as a 200page 5x8 book. Metadata kdps cover creator tool will use the title, subtitle, and author name you entered on the paperback details page to create the cover. Build your cover online with cover creator, a free createspace tool to design your book covers. We now offer specialized options for your different publishing needs. I design book cover,kindle cover, createspace cover i will be expecting your message. The createspace submission specification includes all submission requirements to successfully publish your book through createspace.

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